sell your property with key consultants

 If you are looking to sell your property then Key Consultants should be your first port of call. We at Key Consultants we set ourselves apart from other real estate agents on the island and our after sales service is unbeatable.

Our fee for a real estate service is 5% of the overall sale fee plus IVA. This is the lower end of the industry standard, some estate agents charging between 5 and 7%. Unlike other estate agents that simply introduce a buyer and show the property (introduction). At Key Consultants we go much much further and work hard for our fee.  What does our fee include:-

Here goes:-

  • We will market your property for sale and also place it for sale (with your permission) with a network  of other real estate agents on the island that we work with, ensuring you get full exposure.
  • we will work hard to get you a buyer and once found, we will prepare the option contract for sale.

Why we are different

Most real estate agents finish their service at the introductory point of sale. However, at Key Consultants we go above and beyond to ensure that your sale goes through smoothly at no extra cost (apart from some possible small disbursements).  At no extra costs to you, we use our experience as a Gestoria and accountants to assist you with the full conveyancing process and that’s what makes our service exceptional and value for money:-

  • We will prepare your contract for sale and different languages. – this contract will be subject to “arras” (deposit) which means that you will not be taxed on the deposit amount.
  • We can accept the deposit in our escrow account and undertake the necessary “know your client and Money Laundering regulations and checks.
  • Issue you, where relevant, with an inventory list.
  • We will Exchange the contracts between you and the seller (at a distance, if necessary).
  • Obtain the Nota Simple Online deeds (we are registered with the Registriadores de España to provide this service)- this is subject to a 30€ plus IVA fee for each requested deed.
  • We will arrange an energy performance certificate to be undertaken (disbursement fee applicable).
  • We will apply for your digital signature and obtain a certificate of “taxation residence in Spain” if relevant (to save on unnecessary taxes being paid).
  • We will obtain your consent and obtain a statement for Plus Valia from the local council (local tax levied by the council).
  • We will attend (if applicable) any bank valuation survey
  • We will arrange for an energy performance certificate to be undertaken (fee for the certificate to be paid for by the seller) and attend at the meeting.
  • We will arrange for a Cedular de habitabilidad (if applicable) to be undertaken (fee for the certificate to be paid for by the seller) and attend at the meeting.
  • We will request (if applicable) a certificate from the community that you are up-to-date with your community fees.
  • We will prepare a completion statement with apportionments of community fees and rubbish and rates bills.
  • We will liaise with the notary and arrange to have all paperwork in order and have a copy of the draft sale deed prepared in advance of the meeting with the notary.

And that´s not all. We also have an after sales service after the notary appointment has been completed:-

  • We will take the new owners to change the utility bills (electric and water) to ensure that your contract with these suppliers is finished.
  • We will (where applicable) arrange for your non-resident taxes (3% modelo 211) to be settled and submit the tax forms on your behalf.
  • We will (where applicable) arrange for your Plus Valia taxes to be paid.
  • We will notify the community administrators (if applicable) of the new owners details removing you from any further community fee obligations of the community.
  • We can also calculate your capital gains (although an extra charge will apply for this) if you so require.

Effectively, when you instruct Key Consultants to deal with your sale, you can rest assure that the sale of your property is in good hands as our fee includes the whole sales conveyancing process! Saving you mucho dinero (usually around 1.5% plus IVA of the sale price) – no other real estate agent does this!

 Simplicity at its best.

To find out more about our real estate services, contact us.

(disclaimer: the above services are included when the property is fully legally registered and the title is not subject to any legal breaches, including lack of planning permission and building regulations control and licensing regulation breaches. Where a matter becomes contentious as a result of the above, additional fees may apply).


As apart of our service, we will always ensure that we provide you with transparency of service, ensuring that you receive the best, guaranteed cost effective and quality assured service possible.

We understand that things can go wrong at any time of day and any day of the week. As such we provide you with our 24/7 emergency care line:

+34 871 846 034