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Help with Spanish Documentation

If you live in Mallorca and Spanish is not your first language, you may find it difficult to to fully understand the content of an official looking letter or need help with making an appointment at the hospital or simply need someone to assist in dealing with a parking fine or changing a utility bill provider. No Matter how small a problem, Key Consultants can help you in respect of all matters.

  • Problems with Community
  • Payments of fines
  • Government Documents
  • Changing Utility Providers
  • Help with Mobile Phone Contracts
  • Help with rental contracts
  • Translation of documents
  • problems regarding car insurance claims and accidents
  • help regarding insurance claims
  • Changing driving licenses.


We have helped and assisted many people in respect of all kinds of matters ranging from insurance claims to arranging hospital appointments and medical checks. We charge reasonable fees, so no matter what your problem or difficulty is,  come and see us and let us help.

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